Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Richard Burnett Spanish Fort, Alabama, USA

Posted: 2018-01-03

I LOVE SEC football! And Monday night was nirvana for SEC fans. First ever national championship with two teams from the same conference playing since the playoffs evolved from the old BCS system. Both teams had a game PLAN as all teams do. Georgias coach, Kirby Smart had been a defensive coach for the master Nick Saban at LSU, the pro Dolphins, and Alabama for 7 years gathering  SPECIAL KNOWLEDGE until he got his chance to move on to his Alma Mater at Georgia. Georgia’s plan was to stop the hot QB from Oklahoma with their strong defense and run the ball down Oklahomas throat. The plan wasn’t working out well at halftime and they were behind 17 points until the mastermind of assistant coaches, analysts, etc. all came together and although the didn’t change the plan they got focused on what the plan was, calmed the chatter and owned the rest of the game. Smart said they didn't make too many halftime adjustments to change the way they faced Oklahoma. They just settled in and got comfortable with the plan for the comeback win


Alabama on the other hand lost a massive amount of talent on defense all year long, one linebacker after another until they hit the most brutal part of the season and lost. Saban’s plan was to lobby the playoff committee for a chance in the playoffs and his wish was granted and had a month for healing. Three of the linebackers that were out for the season after the first game were able to come back for the playoffs and their plan was to come back and suffocate the life out of Clemsons offense which they did. 


Alabamas plan was flawless on defense and just dominated for all 4 quarters but Georgia was able to make key adjustments and small tweaks at halftime which led to their success. Harv Eker has a saying…get ready ( Plan ) Fire ( implement immediately ) and aim ( go back and make adjustments if it’s not working )

Thanks to Linda and Michael Dlouhy for designing the MFF plan. If implemented and tweaked here and there when we run into a little bump and the person using it is coachable the system can be life changing.


Rick Burnett 

Spanish Fort, Alabama