Think & Grow Rich Lessons
James Lombard Dublin, Leinster, Ireland

Posted: 2018-01-03

Ctrl/Cmd+                                                                    Organized Planning


“Having read and assimilated the information conveyed through this chapter, you are now ready to create a practical plan for marketing personal services”. Even though the technological changes and the emergence of network marketing over the eighty years since Hill’s book was published may have made several aspects of this chapter in need of updating, the principles and gems of wisdom outlined here are very much relevant in the modern world.


Essentially, Hill is saying that you should not rely totally on your own resources to access riches. We need to pool our resources and depend upon the wisdom of a reliable mastermind because “No individual has sufficient experience, education, native ability and knowledge to insure the accumulation of a great fortune without the co-operation of other people”. Do not try to re-invent the wheel; seek help from a suitable mastermind.


Hill is also saying that application of the principles described in this book is also necessary. Persistence is an essential: “If the first plan you adopt does not work successfully, replace it with a new plan…” Above all else, a burning desire is required: “Desire, transmuted into its monetary equivalent through the principles laid down here, is the agency through which money is made”. We are in the business of exchanging ideas and personal services in exchange for riches: “What else, except ideas and personal services, would one not possessed of property have to give in return for riches?” When we approach those in need of our services, it is not our job to sell them a particular product or business but by education and training to guide them to make the right choice for themselves.


He lays great stress on the need to develop the qualities of leadership, saying: “The man who can follow a leader most efficiently, is usually the man who develops into leadership most rapidly.” Implied in this advice is the need to be open minded and willing to learn from others in the mastermind and, of course, play your part by contributing to the work of that group. Other qualities he lists include: (1) Willingness to assume full responsibility for the actions of your team or network and (2) A willingness to delegate responsibility to able members of your team. This will increase the synergy of the team through co-operative effort. Most of the other advice about the qualities of a leader, such as, developing a pleasing personality, exercising definiteness of decision and showing self- control will have been acquired by the person who masters the thirteen principles of Think and Grow Rich.


If the much hated term “selling” can be applied at all to network marketing, it can be said that essentially you are attracting others by your empathy and care for their welfare and that they, in their turn, will be favourably disposed to what you could offer.


                                                                                                   Best wishes for a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year to all.


                                                                                                                    James Lombard, Dublin, Ireland.