Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Lawrence Bergfeld Bronx, New York, USA

Posted: 2018-01-03

The bottom line of this chapter is that if you fail to plan then to plan to fail. No other way around it. There are two types of things in this world. Wishes and decisions. If you say that you are doing an hour a day your business online and you are browsing the internet and not talking to people then you have made a wish NOT a decision. If you do 30 min browsing and 30 min money making activities then you also made a wish because you can't read half a book, you can't play half a football game and you can't be half married.

What the great Sarah Thompson mentioned the difference between a wish and a decision. Is that a decision is when you focus ONLY on the money making activities by creating a PLAN to accomplish your goal. Which is a DREAM with a deadline. If your plan does not work then build new plans just like Tuula Rands has done so 8 times till she found something that works. You do not want to be Samuel Insull who loses 100 million dollars because you fail to change your plans when they don't work. You want to follow Jeff Olsons advice, Plan, Do, Review, Adjust, Plan Do Review Adjust. Over and over again. That is the from the book called the Slight Edge written by Jeff Olson which Art Jonak introduced to Richard Dennis several years ago. Furthermore Art Jonak mentioned that if whatever you are doing in your plan does not duplicate then DON"T do it. And he also said that if your WHY does not make you cry then you don't have one.

Lawrence Bergfeld