Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Toby Bloom Albquerque, NM, usa

Posted: 2018-01-02

In this chapter, Hill both talks about organized planning which includes how to be a good leader and well as how important it is to deal with your fears. Through out our history we have seen that a lot can be done if you have a good leader. We have also seen that bad lkeaders can destroy much that has been accomlished. Hill talks about at lengh about how you have to serve to money if you offer a service. Truly this is a fact, as I am striving to make myself a better employee at work. He goes on to talk about   how we actually work for the public, which is true because with out customers nobody makes any money. There can bve  alo;tn lot learned from here and while the cost of things has gone up a lot from when he first wrote the book, most is stillk true. It takes a lot of man power to get food to the stores. It also takes alot for us  perhaps to know hoiw to build outn teams. I have foubd that at times my biggest enemy can be my own fears or success. I know that with help from others I will have a good plan. That is vital since as Hill says , discuss your plan with theb group and keep trying  till you succeed.,