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John Smith Gloucester, Gloucestershire, UK

Posted: 2018-01-01


There is a saying that “failing to plan is planning to fail”. Without a plan of where I want to go and how I intend to get there, there is nothing to organize, leaving me just like a ship with no rudder, going around in circles.

Today is New Year’s Day, the day of resolutions and promises, the day when many of us decide what changes we feel we need to make in ourselves if we are to become the person we see ourselves as, be that richer, slimmer, healthier, happier, more organized, more popular or anything else we can think of.

 My big resolutions are
1. To work towards complete financial independence through a combination of residual and investment income.

2. To contribute more to the Mentoring for Free live coaching calls because I know that by doing so I also learn more.

3. Never to miss posting and reading all the posts to this Think and Grow Rich lessons forum.

4. To concentrate on doing one thing at a time until I can do it well.

5. To break my main goal for this next year into smaller steps and to count each completed step as a victory along the road.

These things are the basis of my ‘plan’ to help me become better organized working towards where I want to be this time next year.

Within the sections of this, the longest chapter of the book, is a list of pretty much every excuse anyone could want for not succeeding at anything. Although I did read that list many years ago, I now CHOOSE not to read it again because I have since come to know that history abounds with examples of men and women who despite seemingly impossible odds have gone on to become incredibly successful, often, because nobody told them their circumstances meant they couldn't do so.

Because they help me to focus on creating a better plan for myself and produce a positive plan to work with, I have found writing out my own answers to the 28 ‘Self Inventory’ questions are much more useful to me for clearer thinking.

In fact, my chosen industry, Network Marketing, constantly proves that what one person can do, by following an organized system that anyone can copy no matter what their age, sex, background or circumstances is the most direct path to success for anyone willing to follow it. A great many of the Industry leading lights seem to have used their adverse early life experiences to spur themselves on to achieving incomes, lifestyles and confidence in themselves and their own abilities millions envy yet many could have for themselves if they only chose to copy their examples..

We all know that to become truly successful requires a good plan, organized thinking, focus and a pinch of hard work – this chapter is the blueprint for each of us to lay down our own plan for success.

John Smith – Gloucester UK