Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Celeste Smucker Nellysford, VA, United States

Posted: 2017-12-31

Chapter 7 Organized Planning


                                                           I see a mentor on my path as one of the greatest gifts life has to offer--Nicolas Cole


So far in our journey through Think and Grow Rich we have learned all about generating a lot of energy and enthusiasm for manifesting our intentions, whatever they may be.  We've learned about the importance of having a burning Desire, the need for Faith to keep it burning, how to amp up the energy with Auto-suggestion, using the Specialized Knowledge that is around every corner, and, finally, opening ourselves to what is possible through Imagination.  

Now that the energy is flowing, we need a way to channel it.  Unchanneled energy isn't worth much.  It spills out in all directions leaving us depleted and wondering what happened like a raging river that leaves its banks and goes off into thousands of little streams, none with any real power.  

Or like the person who recently emailed me about his latest network marketing company and how that works so well with yet another one he also recently joined, and this is someone who in the past has promoted all kinds of others as well.  How could he possibly, as one human being, generate enough energy to get two of these businesses going, let alone the many others he has been affiliated with. 

Not only are there serious and very draining ethical issues for him to consider, but putting out regular messages about new companies can only be confusing to those he wants to influence to join him.  We wonder what's wrong with him that he is so unfocused.

The way to channel the energy we have been developing over the last several weeks is to have an organized plan, one that gives us specific guidelines for creating the outcome for which we have a burning desire...whether that is better relationships, more money, a spa vacation or a successful business.  For someone in the network marketing industry the best way to channel this energy is by using the Mentoring for Free system that provides advice on everything from how to leverage social media to how to avoid the kind of ethical traps inherent in joining multiple companies.

Notice the key concept here is Mentor, which is an acknowledgment that we can't do this alone.  A mentor is, as the quote above reminds us, "one of the greatest gifts life has to offer."  A mentor shows the way, provides feedback through weekly check-in calls and accountability, and offers encouragement when life happens and we are down and discouraged.  

And, it is when we are discouraged that we are at most risk of quitting or scattering our energy.  It is in those times we are most likely to start looking for the next glittering object, the easy way out, and it is the mentor, if we check in with this person regularly, who helps us stay focused on our real goal, that of becoming the person who attracts the very people who need our help the most.

The start of a new year is a great time to re-evaluate, to check in with yourself about your desires and to remember the steps for creating the faith it takes to stay on track and make a difference in the lives of others.  What are your wins from last year?  What can you do better in the coming year and how can you best use the resources available at MFF (starting with your personal mentor) to move your personal and business goals forward?  

Start by being in touch with your mentor and getting feedback on how to best achieve your goals this year.  Then move forward with confidence to help as many people as possible, starting with yourself, in 2018.


Celeste Smucker, Nellysford, VA