Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Athanasios Georgakopoulos Ocoee, FL, United States

Posted: 2017-12-20

Chapter 5 in a nutshell to me. Says aquiring specialized knowledge doesn’t mean a “formal college institution”. If not most of those aren’t specialized at all. Which isn’t a bad thing necessarily, but keeps people at the general level and seldomly inspires to go beyond a level they are taught to go. 


From what I read and experienced so far in life, most that start at the bottom rarely go up to being an executive. It’s extremely rare and it’s not that anyone can be accepted in a traditional corporate structure. 

Some do, but they tend to need at least 15-20 years of working in that same field or company. Being a blue, to me that’s boring. Making a living is great and productive memeber if society. But what I want is true freedom and that job can help purchase the basics while working on my network marketing business. 


Personally, I have not gotten a college education due to the cost and the question of if it would benefit me practically, financially. The lies spewed that if you go to college you’re guaranteed a job. That is false. About 60% of people with student loan debt never use that degree to get that job. Again, nothing wrong with it by itself. That’s just not my choice.  


Being a blue, my common sense BS radar goes off and says “ you can do more without an expensive degree”. Now that doesn’t mean I won’t put a lot of time, effort, and reprogramming my mind in. That IS the case and critical. 


You told me that if I hang around rich people and do what they do, I will attain success like they do. 


I have seen that. Everyday I’m saying my specialized self talk as a prayer multiple times a day. I’m making sure that happens. God is a gentleman and respects our Free Will. And we must believe He will answer our prayers.


I’d like to use a 4 tier way of understanding I’ve learned in firearms training schools:

Mindset—- WHY I’m doing and understanding

Tactics—- When to use

Skill—- How to do and use

Gear—- Tools to get the job done


Think and grow rich is like all 4 of these in a way. Why I’m doing this is the foundation, the others fall in line naturally I think. 

I got this from a non traditional school of firearms training and it is a big help in my life. 

Hill endorsed using non traditional methods to learn to better yourself and his book verifies that.


God Bless


Athanasios “Tommy” Georgakopoulos