Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Ken Klemm Spring Hill, FL, USA

Posted: 2016-02-17

In June of 2002 I was driving to work one night in 
heavy rain. Headed southbound on Connecticut Route 169, 
my Jeep Cherokee slammed onto a large puddle caused by 
a backed-up storm drain. The Jeep hydroplaned and spun 
out of control.

My instinct was to struggle to get control of the 
vehicle, but a quiet voice in my head said, “Let go.”

I relaxed my body and my grip on the wheel. The 
Cherokee slammed sideways into a large oak. Rescue 
personnel cut the Jeep’s roof away, strapped me to a 
backboard and lifted me straight up out of the vehicle.

I awoke in an intensive care unit and discovered I had 
escaped the accident with a hairline fracture in my 
neck and a bruised spleen. The Jeep was totaled, of 

After spending the summer in a neck brace, I returned 
to work. Every time I drove in heavy rain I experienced 
anxiety and gripped the steering wheel tightly.

One day a sudden feeling of peace came over me, and I 
was told I was under protection until I fulfilled my 
purpose. It was revealed to me that I have not one, but 
two, full time Guardian Angels Their names are Michael 
and Gabriel.

Yes, they are the archangels. Several times, in my 
imaginary conversations with him, Mick corrected my 
pronunciation of his name: “Mick-ai-el”. He doesn’t 
mind if I call him Mick, as long as I don’t call him 
Mike or Michael.

You may wonder how I can have two archangels with me at 
all times? After all, these two have many 
responsibilities? To begin Your understanding, realize 
they are not corporeal beings.

I “met” a third archangel, Raphael, when I discovered 
he is the Guardian Angel of my granddaughter Cailynn. 

I have had many “conversations” with these three. 
Interestingly, they each have a different personality. 
Raph is a Yellow, Gabe a Blue and Mick a hammered Red. 
I mused out loud one day why I had never heard from the 
fourth archangel, the Green Uriel. Maybe because, being 
a Green, Uriel just observes a lot and doesn’t speak 

Then I heard a very quiet voice ask, “Who do You think 
has been guiding You all these years?”

I broke down in tears as I realized Uri is not my 
Guardian, but has always been a Guiding Angel.

I recalled an encounter I had years ago when I was in 
college. During a time when I was going through a major 
turning point in my life, I sat under Broad Street in 
Philadelphia waiting for a subway train. I sat quietly 
on a bench at the Columbia Avenue station, caught in 

A tall African man wearing a colorful pattered shirt 
sat down on the bench next to me and began a 
conversation by inquiring about the text books I was 
carrying. I don’t recall many specifics of the 
discussion, but when the train arrived, we road 
together to the City Hall station and continued our 

During the ride a powerful sense of peace and clarity 
overwhelmed me. We never exchanged names, but as the 
train arrived at City Hall and we prepared to exit, the 
man leaned close to me and quietly spoke words I’ll 
never forget as long as I live. When we left the train 
he disappeared into the crowd, and I never saw him 
again to this day.

His unforgettable words were, “I’m not Your Guardian 
Angel. I’m just a passing stranger.”

Your Friend and Servant,

Ken Klemm

P.S. Whether the small, quiet voice is actually Your 
own, that of a Guardian or Guiding Angel, or the voice 
of God, it matters not. What matters is that You