Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Ben Drake West Ryde, NSW, Australia

Posted: 2017-12-19

What a reminder about knowledge and listening to those who have just a small amount of knowledge. We need to work with those who have knowledge in just one field and way to build the life of our dreams, creating relationships with those people.  

In order to build a model railway we need to have the following knowledge even though it may be in another. We need to know 

1) Where we are going to model 

2) What period or era are we going to model? 

3) Where we are going to store the layout 

4) What type of materials we are going to need.  

5) Will the base be wood?, will it be metal base? And how are we going to hold the layout up – table support legs. 

6) What type of features are we going to model on the layout – eg will mountains, lake, snow, how are we going to model these. 

7) Will we be using DCC or DC trains? 

As you can see it takes a lot of knowledge just to build a model layout just as it does with out own business we need to get the knowledge from others within our lives to be able to build that layout we can turn to google. We can turn to someone who has built their layout simular to what we want to build and get their advice. 

We need to seek advice from a member of our mastermind on electrical aswell how to wire the layout, how cut the wood, how to make the layout's features. Focusing on one area ourselves then getting strong helps improve our own knowledge and drawing on the specialized knowledge of those around us to build our business or project. 

Thanks to my amazing wonderful friends, mentors, family from mentoring for free. Especially Linda and Micahel Dlouhy and Ken Klemm for Your ongoing guidence love and support. 

Thanks to my amazing wife Jenny for her continued love, support and encoruagment, 

Your friend for life, 

Big hugs, 

Ben Drake 

West Ryde NSW Australia