Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Lawrence Bergfeld Bronx, New York, USA

Posted: 2017-12-16

Specialized knowledge means giving up your spare time for studying to get ahead in our profession and your business.What are you doing to get ahead in your business and in your profession?

In your business are you doing the training what the top leaders have given back to you by their training so that you could duplicate it to get to the top? Do you watch you tube videos on how to prepare your blog in Word Press so that you should be the go to person for that, NOT only be the professional pointer. Your clients are looking for someone who is getting ahead in life. You want to avoid competing with the genuine experts because they will be getting your customers and your clients.

Same goes in your profession. You have to take continuing courses in your field to get a higher salary because employers want employees who are moving forward. They do not want to have employees who are acting like their days in college. That is no different than taking off the semester. If you take off the semester its much harder to get back into studying than if you had stayed in school and were studying persistently and consistently.

Learn the skills nobody wants to do business with a has been and with someone who stopped learning just because he finished school. Also employers will be telling you that its too expensive to keep you if they see that you aren't getting ahead.

Your life is NOT dependent by chance. Its going to depend on the series of choices you make and getting ahead takes PRIORITY over everything else in life.

Remember the oxygen mask example on the airplane. Put your mask on first BEFORE helping someone else. Same goes in your business, in your profession and in your life.

Lawrence Bergfeld