Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Wiley Price Lake Worth, FL, USA

Posted: 2017-12-14

Lesson 5 Specialized Knowledge
December 14, 2017

The pages on specialized knowledge is a trade secret all in itself. The women that helped her son to get a better start in life must have be in the B and I quadrant cause she was fairly wealthy as a resort she not only allow for opportunity to see her son but helped him left his head high enough for opportunity to see what proved to be a young man that was sure to be a mover and a shaker.

Instead of someone that sitting around wondering what happened. The little colored girl and the driller of gold that stopped three feet from success are people that had different experience’s the little girl conquered her master by getting the fifty cents that her mother most needed and the driller for gold learned a valuable lesson when he stopped three feet from where gold was to be found.

So specialized knowledge will help you learn lessons that would not otherwise come about, public schools systems even some colleges don’t teach specialized know how but that is quickly turning around. I have had success with Natalya using specialized knowledge that I learned.

So you are never too old for a new beginning so start now