Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Kenneth Guernsey Guernsey Lubbock, TX,

Posted: 2016-02-17


The Thirteenth Step toward Riches


This lesson is the 4th lesson I have studied under “The Think and Grow Rich Lessons”.  I sense I have personally utilized this sense as it is described by Mr. Hill, but lack the discipline to utilize it such a way as he did.  My sense is that I have grown tremendously since beginning these lessons even though I started with Chapter 11 and am only on Chapter 14, “The Thirteenth Step”.

It impresses me that Mr. Hill was able to have conferences with these people with such imagination that it was perhaps real in his own mind to the point he was able to bring each individual member of the conference their own personalities and convictions as they probably really were.  I am sure it is because he has read and studied these individuals that in his mind he knew them and could predict their thoughts and brought them into the conference with his imagination and what he calls the sixth sense.

I wonder if the sixth sense, is the bringing of all knowledge from study, personal experience, and from nature itself entering the mind through the subconscious, or if there is also a spiritual assistance to this sixth sense from God himself teaching us the things we need to know for our personal growth if our conscious mind will allow it?  I wonder also if there may be another spiritual source to our subconscious mind that could lead us to more evil thoughts which lead us to our undoing or failure in life?  Do we choose our sixth sense?

I don’t know the answers to these questions yet, but perhaps with further study I will learn and hope to achieve this with these lessons thanks to Michael and Linda, and Nathan who introduced me to these Lessons.


Ken Guernsey