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Frank Larrabee Covina, CA, USA

Posted: 2017-12-13



The Down Spout.


I moved back here to my childhood home with my brother in 2009, and I have a list of things we (My sons & I ) have been working on since last August in clearing out our back yard. Many of the things needed doing here are from years ago, before I moved back here.


I had the rain gutter on my to do list for 2-3 months, telling my self I had plenty of time to just put in 12 new anchor bolts to re-attach the sagging 25' long rain gutter, since no water was flowing to the down spout. Now that its mid December its time! 


At 3PM, with the sun setting below the roof line, making it cooler some what to work on, (this is a typical warm 80+ day in Southern California) We (My oldest son Sean & I ) went to work replacing and the gutter nails with 8" long lags bolts standing on my home made scaffold of 2 ladders with a 7' plank in between them to stand on.


After replacing them, we found it was full of mud and dirt, and cleaned that out as well.               We water tested it and found it was flowing -Away- from the down spout?! 


No wonder it had pulled away from the roof edge over time.                                                      The rain gutter had been installed like this 30 years ago.


It was now 4:25 and after looking at it there was room to raise the one side of the gutter and make it flow back toward the down spout. This took another 25 minutes with testing and it was done and working, with time to get on this call. 


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