Think & Grow Rich Lessons
camille cameron Brooklyn, NY, United States

Posted: 2017-12-13

Chapter 4 Auto Suggestion


This chapter compelled me to revisit Camille Cameron and do some self-analyzing. Are the spirit person and the person that is reflected in the world, are they connected? Do they work in harmony with each other?

Although the qualities she embraced kept her surviving until this moment I am so grateful.

Now I am at the threshold where I must face my truth on transforming into a spirit bean or allowing the ego to be the driving force in my life?

I have to admit I now see the importance of the mastermind classes because this journey can become a bit lonely because I am know braking undesirable habits. Aiming towards my DESIRE. 

Now the job begins to reprogram the data on my computer by using the tools such as daily affirmation, auto-suggestions, self-talk and staying positive. I am ecstatic.

With my fellow masterminders who share their views on our weekly lessons are very helpful.

Thanks a million to everyone on the calls and let us try to make this world a better place.

Camille Cameron