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Andrew Conlee Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA

Posted: 2016-02-17



Remember, kids, you can triple your “two cents” if you use your SIXTH SENSE!  <rimshot>

<pause for effect and audience reaction>

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know – “bad joke”.  And, yes, I made that same silly quip in one of my lesson plans last year, one that would get me chucked off the boat in the middle of a one-month cruise.  But I looked at ALL of my lesson plans, not just that one, for a very good reason: I used my SIXTH SENSE to see where I had come since my first lesson plans, and where I was going.

As some of you may know, I am about to finish my third go-around with Dr. Hill’s masterpiece.  I could see where I improved in Dr. Hill’s thirteen steps, and where I needed more improvement.  I had taken the self-tests in the book, and I noticed some significant changes.  I felt that what I had done still wasn’t enough, so I wondered where I could turn for more insight.  Something inside me said, “Look at your past lesson plans.  You have them stored in your laptop.”

I worked on my lesson plans on Microsoft Word before I pasted them onto the website, and I kept all of them, so I read over each one of them, noted what I said, and looked at how I’ve improved (or where I’ve needed to improve) since then.  What made it easier was remembering what Michael said a week or so ago, that these aren’t “book reports”; they are not meant to be a strict rehash of what you’ve read, but instead what you felt, what you got out of it.  A greenie like me needed to take a step back and remember to write “from the heart, not the head”.  And, since cutting off my head was not an option, my SIXTH SENSE took over and guided me to a new path. may be closed to new posts, but you can still go there to see what you and others wrote in the past.  If you need a quick pick-me-up in your studies of Think And Grow Rich, or if you just want a trip down Memory Lane, it’s the perfect place to stop by.  (Just don’t dwell on the past too long; you don’t want to sacrifice the present to make your future!)  And keep trusting your SIXTH SENSE, even if it didn’t send you back to the beginning, because it may send you to a new path you weren’t expecting.

Andrew Conlee

Cedar Rapids, IA, USA