Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Lewis Stone Worcester, Massachusetts, U.S.A.

Posted: 2016-02-17

I believe the whole purpose of this book leads up to this thirteenth step which is the sixth sense. This is where the Infinite Intelligence is accessed without effort. The amazing creative imagination is synonymous with this sixth sense. This is where our hunches, ideas and plans originate. It is the "receiving set" of the Infinite Intelligence, even receiving thoughts broadcasted by other minds. Through the sixth sense, we are warned of impending dangers and how to avoid them!

The source of Infinite Intelligence permeates every atom of matter, influences every unit of energy, converting seeds into trees, follows night with day and turns summer into winter. This Intelligence may be able to transmute desires into concrete results whatever they may be. The author has tried an exercise to reshape his own character into one composite character of all the people he admires. This imaginative journey led to his imaginary characters becoming real people to him even though he may never have met them. This is the power of the sixth sense. He used autosuggestion to conjure up these characters which became real to him. He is now on his way to transmuting his desires into reality. This is the power of imagination!

As human beings, we receive accurate information from other sources than the physical senses, it also draws from imagination. In an emergency situation, the sixth sense can come into action and quickly provide what you need to get out of a desperate situation. But the sixth sense can only be acquired slowly, not overnight. The other twelve principles outlined in Mr. Hill's book will be necessary to get to this thirteenth step. The concept of the sixth sense is basically for the purpose of attaining whatever one desires in life and allows you attain your goals unerringly and effortlessly. The sixth sense gives you the ability to tap into that unknown something which is the motivating spirit behind musicians, leaders, artists and writers!