Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Ernest Tucker Rogersville, ALABAMA, United States

Posted: 2017-11-29

Chapter 2



Almost everything of value we have in this world today began with a thought and a burning desire. The USA, the signing of peace, the electricity, the light bulb, the automobile, the airplane, the computer, the space station. I could fill this page with things that started with a thought and a burning desire. Of closing off and burning the bridges so there was no other way except success or death.


Everyone talks about their success but few have ever heard of their sufferings or hard work they went through to achieve their goals and desires. Barnes what was it like to pack what little he had and go to go in business with Edison. How many meals did he miss or sleepless night did he encounter. I think of my father during the depression walking 300 miles to find a job. How many nights did he sleep on the ground, how many days did he go without food and how happy he must have been when they told him he was hired.


Today as we are in network marking how many of us have suffered but have a burning desire and have burned many bridges to achieve their goals. Some desire riches some desire to help others dig their way out of poverty and start to live again. Many just want to be happy and get rid of their fear. And a few want to be Like Michael and Linda and devote their whole life helping others to have a burning desire and spread love over the whole world.


I have had many burning desires in my life many have come true and many have failed. My leaving school and fighting for my country was a great desire. My winning and coming home was a great desire. My path I had to walk getting there was met with pain and tears but I never turned and tried to go back. My 3 day swim in the Atlantic Ocean as I climbed up the latter of the ship that saved us I stood strong saluted the flag and asked permission to come aboard before I crumbled to the deck. The many times I stayed in the plane to ride it to the ground and pulled myself and others out of a burning or crumbled pieces of trash I stood tall and looked up and said thank you God. The time they brought me home after the war and I walked off the ship to find a world full of hate that wouldn’t let me go in a restaurant or store because I was a US sailor who has just helped to keep their freedom safe but I stood tall and smiled and walked away. After that my burning desire had left me I didn’t care anymore.


When I finally got home it took me a long time to accept help love or friendship. My marriage was great my children were many loving and a wonderful life. My fear and broken dreams I held in my heart and never really archived what I set out to do. I made a descent living but never reached the goals I wanted to. I was happy on the outside but not on the inside.


One day something started changing my life I received an email from Shelly Bishop and she introduced me to mff and 30 day mental cleanse and Michael and Linda. And now slowly I am removing my fear my hatred my negative thoughts changing my attitude and believing in myself again. I no longer listen to when people said something bad about me I care and love myself and I am building a big beautiful network market team that is going to be out of this world.


Who do I have to thank for this? The ones who believe in me and is teaching me to just do it. Shelle Michael and Linda and his family and all those who are listening here tonight all my mff friends and God.


As I sit here writing this I can only think of all the wonderful people I met at the convention their love their help their understanding. I wonder what I would be like if I was greeted like that when I came home. That is the past close the door and throw away the key. The only part I want to remember is when I boarded the ship that pulled me out of the ocean is when I pulled myself aboard and stood up and saluted the flag and asked for permission to come aboard.


I don’t want anyone to feel sorry for me I did what I wanted to do to save my country be thankful that I was there and did what I had to do to save our freedom. My burning desire is coming back to me just a little shove to move me forward again is all I desire. It is going to take some time but I have the rest of my life to do it.


Love to all Ernest Tucker

Rogersville Alabama