Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Lawrence Bergfeld Bronx, New York, USA

Posted: 2017-11-27

What I learned from this chapter on Desire is that you have to have a clear picture on what you want to accomplish. Napoleon Hills son was deaf and his father Napoleon Hill had planted him in his mind a desire to hear. Whenever he wanted something he would PLAN A WAY TO EARN THE MONEY and just do it. And when his older brother wanted something he would cry for it and get it. Who do you want to follow in life? Napoleon Hills son Blair or his older brother? There is a difference between having a handout and a handup in life, just like there is a difference between poor and broke. If you are poor you will be the one who is going to rely on the soup kitchens feeding you, if you are broke then you say to yourself "I do not have the money to earn it now but I have a plan on doing so."

You also have to have faith, desire, sex, romance, enthusiasm and all the other positive emotions in mind and one negative thought ruins everything. Throw out the word impossible from your vocabulary. Instead replace it with I am possible.

A prime example of someone who had a BELIEF level that he will make it out of the operating room was the guy who was told he would never make it, but he said to himself  "I will be out of this hospital in no time". He did not listen to the doctor. Who are you listening to? Are you listening to people who have not built a downline or have lived in an apartment instead of a house? Listen to the people who have done it NOT the people who say they heard horror stories. You do not know the details of what your friends, friends have done. There are always two sides to every story in life. If you pay attention to the gloom and gloom then you will attract it. If you picture your perfect day like Michael has on the airplane to Colorado when that green engineer was giving him all the negativity. Then you will live your life with abundance.

Back when I worked in sleep away camp as a teenager I was told that children do not know how to say no. I was 16 at the time and I worked with 12 years olds. Do we know how to say NO to others who are not on the same page as us or do we just say yes that they should stop fighting and/or do not want to hurt their feelings. Remember the oxygen mask word picture on the airplane. You must put on your mask FIRST before helping others. If we are not doing that in our businesses by prioritizing that then we are working backwards.

Good is frequently the enemy of the great. So if you want to be great you must GIVE UP the good.

Lawrence Bergfeld