Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Celeste Smucker Nellysford, VA, United States

Posted: 2017-11-27

Chapter 2 Desire


                                                                                     Your why is who you are--Michael Dlouhy


How strong is your desire, your WHY?  How does it match up to Barnes' desire to partner with Edison described by Hill as not a hope or a wish but "a keen pulsating desire, which transcended everything else." 

What do any of us desire this much?  If we aren't creating the lives we want for ourselves, maybe it's because we are missing this "keen, pulsating desire," the WHY that makes us cry. But Hill tells us that desire is "the starting point of all achievement,"  which means if we don't take his advice and start creating a powerful desire, we may continue to drift through life, frustrated and dissatisfied wondering what's gone wrong.   

A strong desire is more than just something we decide we want.  From Michael's quote we know that our WHY is who we are, our reason for being here.  So what keeps us from achieving it?  What holds us back?

A big reason is our programming.  From the time we were little kids other people, our parents, teachers, ministers and assorted well-meaning friends and relatives have attempted to define us, to tell us who we really are without bothering to inquire what we really want and suggesting we go within to find it.  

It can be difficult to locate the real us under all the programming, especially when we feel pressure (as all children do) to please the powerful people around us.  One of many reasons to participate in regular self development is to stop the chatter in our minds and get clear on who we are. What we desire may be very different from what our parents and teachers envisioned for us surprising both us and them.

Recently I had an "aha" moment when watching a video featuring Esther Hicks on Facebook that relates to this question of finding our unique why.  The video explained the difference between motivation and inspiration stating that motivation comes from outside of us while inspiration comes from within.  I was reminded  of the many times I attended conventions when I was in the real estate business and how excited I would get and how determined to come home and get lots of listings.  I was responding to the energy of a powerful motivational speaker, and while I had some success in that business it was not long lasting because I really wasn't in love with real estate, as exciting and fulfilling as it can be for other people (including the speaker). 

Any one in the network marketing business has had similar experiences when introduced to "the world's greatest business opportunity" by a red personality who sold us on the idea that all we had to do was follow their lead and we couldn't fail.  While that sounds good, the day to day reality for most people is that it usually doesn't work because it's out of synch with our personality type and our genuine WHY.  

In  instances like these we are responding to a powerful motivator instead of our true desire (no matter what we tell ourselves) and the result is a lot of disappointment as we often then compare our success to that of the recruiter and find ourselves lacking, and comparing ourselves to others is another way we keep from discovering and acting on our real WHY.

Unlike motivation, inspiration bubbles up from inside of us as a hunch direct from infinite intelligence when our minds are clear of chatter.  Since it comes from within, inspiration can reliably direct us to a WHY that is genuine and unique to us rather than someone else's idea of who we are.  Once we are clear about our why, motivational sources like speakers, videos or books can help us achieve it.  The motivational input we seek is now in synch with our genuine desire.

What is it you truly desire?  What is the WHY that makes you cry.  Clear your mind and listen closely to the inspiration that comes from within you.  You may be surprised to learn what you truly desire, who you really are, and why you are really here.


Celeste Smucker, Nellysford, VA