Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Loretta Bright Akron, Ohio, USA

Posted: 2016-02-17

Chapter 14 The Sixth Sense


Somewhere in the cell-structure of the brain, is located an organ which receives vibrations of thought ordinarily called “hunches.” So far, science has not discovered where this organ of the sixth sense is located, but this is not important. The fact remains that human beings do receive accurate knowledge, through sources other than the physical senses. Such knowledge, generally, is received when the mind is under the influence of extraordinary stimulation. Any emergency which arouses the emotions, and causes the heart to beat more rapidly than normal may, and generally does, bring the sixth sense into action. Anyone who has experienced a near accident while driving, knows that on such occasions, the sixth sense often comes to one’s rescue, and aids, by split seconds, in avoiding the accident.”

This refers to where a person who can master receiving through the “vibrations” can achieve increased knowledge and understanding, therefore function at a higher level and produce the type of end result desired.

The writer refers to a council of great men that he formed in his imagination to exchange ideas and to learn from them. Is that so “far off”, reading books and studying individuals to understand their “processes” is similar to this without the personal experience? Our Seeking out knowledge and understanding through the understanding of others either through studying or “discussing” is most likely how much change is affected in the world. It is just not advertised as such. Great Generals study the others before them in times of war and unrest.

The Universe is talking to us and can hold the information we need, we just have to “receive” it and be prepared to “act”.


Loretta Bright