Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Ethel Van Zanten Tucson,, Arizona, USA

Posted: 2017-11-15

Chapter 15-The Six Ghosts  of Fear-11/15/17

i would like to begin  my lesson with a quote from Mr. Naplean Hill:

   Nature has endowed man with absolute control over but one thing, and that is THOUGHT. This fact, coupled with the additional fact that everything which man creates, begins in the form of a thought, leads one very near to the principle by which FEAR may be mastered.

When faced with the possibility of our thoughts becoming reality, we have a choice to make.  We must make a decision.  We have to decide what is important in our life.  What do we want? Is happiness something that is important?  Is how we find happiness important?  Are friends who will stand by us and help us become a person who attracts others important to us?  Do we want friends or would we rather live alone?  

All of the questions above and more are important to consider when we know we have absolute control over our thoughts. As we consider the answers to the questions above our desires come into play.  Most people have desires to  make their life happy. By taking control over their thoughts and learning and knowing how to control their thoughts, desires and emotions or feelings points them toward a goal where FEAR cannot be a part of their state of mind. They will have a definite purpose for living.  

Thank you for letting me share.  

Ethel Van Zanten

Tucson, AZ