Think & Grow Rich Lessons
walden Toews Mission, British Columbia, Canada

Posted: 2016-02-17

       The sixth sense, creative imagination

     The guidence offered by the sixth sense,is not something that I can demand the intellegence thereof.My will can not  put it on, or take it off.Being that it is so closely related to the spiritual ,sereous thots , meditation, self examination, and humility, all play an important role in the preparation of one's mind and inner being.

     The sixth sense is being connected to something far greater than ourselves! The sixth sense gives freely,when we are quiet inside, yet open and deeply  desiring to understand. The sixth sense gives guidence in time of danger or great need,  and more symply, in times of searching for answers to our present needs.

The quietness that is needed to be connected is so brought to naught by fears, worries, anxieties, anger, frusteration,  greed, jelousy, and in short, anything that is negative. Sometimes we need a list of what the negative looks like, because we get so accustomed to our own problems - we don't  even realize what's happening to us!

    The creativity , that we had as a child, can get so lost in the adult world of "get real". We do a great injustice to our youth, if we squelch the creative imagination. For youth, imagination , enthusiasm, fun and creativity are like first nature , when they are free, happy , and directed. If we find ourselves wandering about, lacking freedom and happiness, we need to look deeper into cause and effect. For there is always a reason, and when there is a reason , there is an answer, and when there is an answer, there is HOPE!