Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Lynn Gunterman Louisville , Kentucky , USA

Posted: 2017-11-01

THE BRAIN.  A Broadcasting And Receiving Station For Thought. The Twelfth Step toward Riches:

When I was growing up I was a cheerleader throughout middle school & high school at School and elementary-high school for the city: I was even offered a cheerleading full scholarship to the University Of Louisville!! My friends were continuously asking me how on earth did I learn the cheers and especially the dance routines sooooo fast!!!!  Then they’d look at me crazy when I’d I say I practice them over & over again in my head & everytime I mess up I go right back to the beginning until I’d make it through that part.  Before you know it you can do it time and time again in your head without any mistakes and before you know it when you go to physically give it a try, guess what!!  NO PROBLEM!!  Then you’re training everyone else how to do the routine. I used to do the same thing in school with Math. I never showed my work; only the answers the Work was all in my head. The same with my book reports, the report notes were in my head the report was written straight out in one shot from beginning to end.  It was always easier and faster for me this way growing up. Of course, now we know why. I’m a blue!!  My oldest son is the same way too.  

When my Great Granny Medley was put in the hospital, they called me as her emergency contact because I was the only immediate family in the same town. All her kids, grandkids and other great grandkids lived in other states!!  I had been taking care of her. They told me I needed to get there as fast as I could that she was dying and they didn’t know how much time she had or if she’d make it through the night or not but if she did they like for me to be prepared to stay with her.  I told them let me make arrangements for my sons and call her children in from the other states and I only lived 20 minutes away should be there in 30 minuets. I sat my oldest son David (I call him Da a lot of times) down  to explain everything going on to him because he was 7 then. He insisted on seeing her so I let him go with me to see her first for a little bit first then go home with a friend of mine to go to school the next morning. When we got to her room she looked lifeless, she was colorless, all the numbers on all the machines were all extremely low, and her breathing was real faint.  I sat beside her, took her hand, she was barely holding on to my hand. I was talking to her but her eyes just barely opened up. David looked at me & said “Momma can I sing to her?”  I said “Well, I don’t see why not Da.  They always enjoyed listening to all of us children growing up singing to them!  I know she’d love it baby.”  “What should I sing Momma?”   “Anything you want baby, just don’t sing too loud, because we are in a hospital ya know.”  “Yes m’am.” He started singing ‘Jesus Loves Me’.  Mid-way through the first verse she threw her arms in the air , starts pumping her fists (in a punching motion) Upward in the air, moving her arms back and forth, then she bends her knees up in the bed  and takes and straightens both legs really fast and hard making her feet kick the end of the bed railing while never ceasing the punching movement with her arm then she has the legs bent again and she’s kicked the end of the bed again!!  Before David has finished with this song my 80 lbs 92 year Granny that’s still laying in this hospital bed has just now started making this hospital bed literally start jumping up and down & scooting! (Let me tell you, it startled me a little bit ). I said, David STOP! STOP!  She yanked my arm quickly then, I said you ok Granny? She started pointing at David  over & over, I said you want David, she started waving her hand, I said you want him to come over here, she shook her head no, she waved her hand a different way, I said Granny you want Da to sing again for you and she WILDLY started shaking her head and hand yes & I said Well my goodness Da sing boy sing!! We started laughing & he started singing! Now I wasn’t paying any attention to the machines in the room. I didn’t need to, I just watch my Granny BUT those nurses SURE seen them machines that day and witnessed everything that happened!!  As David sang, she started back with her dancing & praising & worshiping our God Almighty!  I watched as the color, breathe &  life came back in to my Granny that very night while my son sang ‘Jesus Loves Me’ to her! Something I’ll never forget in my life! Before I knew it, before David had finished singing the song, nurse after nurse after nurse after nurse had came running into our room and when they saw David singing and her dancing & praising God every last one of them were in tears crying.  They told me then that she was dying then all of a sudden out of nowhere all of her numbers didn’t just gradually go up they spiked back up to normal but didn’t stop at just normal went beyond normal they jumped from right at almost flat-lining to good in one shot!!  They just kept getting better!!  We had to come in here to see just what you were doing to her that was bringing her back to life!!  Your son literally loved her back!!  He’s one amazing little boy there!!  When I went the next afternoon when I got off work (that morning I left the hospital went home took a shower and went to work and back to the hospital and stayed the night again every night!!  Even though her daughter my grandmother (my dad’s mom) came in this morning she visted a couple days for an hour never giving me any breaks  at all with me having some kids at home her not!!) The doctor came in. He wasn’t supposed to but he made a special afternoon trip to meet with me so we could discuss my granny’s treatment plan now that she had had the huge turn around. When he first came in he gave me a big hug and said let me tell you girl , your son has been the talk of the entire Hospital since last night!!  Even the patients are talking about him now!!  That’s all anyone is talking about. 

On the Dr Phil show today he said we talk at 125 words a minute, but we think at 1300-1500 words a minute!!  So like things as grown ups that we’ve held on to from our pasts like for example being bullied in school. Say in 7th grade another little girl in the school cafeteria as she’s walking past you calls you a fat pig!!  In that first minute ALONE you’ve repeated it in your head over a thousand times!!!!  Then a million more times throughout the rest of your life!!!!  That’s just for that one one single incident!!!!!! (In healing yourself you have to combine all the rest!!!!).  I, You, We, train our brains !!!  OK!!  So, LETS FLIP IT!!  All the negative puke we have been programed since birth to manipulate our minds to steal our thoughts to make us go insane!! Let’s turn it around on them!!  Let’s show them that we have a brain!! That we can think for ourselves!!  That we don’t have to be told what to think or believe in because we have a brain and we know how to use it!!  We even have a Master Mind Group to bounce ideas off of!!  So we are going to constantly overly repeat several different self talks daily!!  We are going to wash away negativity daily and replace it with positivity & graditude & Free mentorship & stewardship.  From Today Forward, We are taking out the trash; so WATCH OUT!!  We can use our self talk (1300-1500 words a minute we think!!) and do some serious positive channeling!!  * I think it’s time for me to get my ducks in their boxes & start lining ‘em up!! * 

Theres a Song by Christina Aguilera called ‘Beautiful’ that I love to sing a lot of times when my self esteem is not to par!!  Here’s a short basic version:

I am beautiful No mattter what they say-words can’t bring me down, I am beautiful in every single way, Yes words can’t bring me down-ohh no- So don’t you bring me down today! No matter what we do, No matter what we say, we’re the song inside the tune, Full Of beautiful mistakes - and everywhere we go The sun will always shine, and tomorrow we might wake up on the other side don’t you bring me down today. You are beautiful no matter what they say words can’t bring you down don’t let them bring you down today!!

I cut some things out of this 4 different times (believe it or not, lol)  I looked again twice before posting to try to cut some more out but something kept insisting that everything HAD to stay in here. I usually try to listen to these type of hunches.  I know for what ever reason each thing is meant for at least one person that will at least be reading it or will be on the call. I pray that it helps you in some way all that needs to hear my stories. May God bless each and every one of you. 

Thank you Linda and Michael & Aunt Honey for showing Michael the love that he needed in his life that every child needs. You turned him into the man he is today and for that I thank you. Thank you Celeste for everything you do, the time and mentoring me you’re truly my sis girl, love you.  Thanks to everyone that gives Of their personal time to be personal trainers or leaders on all the calls; MFF is a success off of your backs and we appreciate it.  Thanks to everyone who calls in and participates and brings & lends their energy to every single MasterMind Call!!  We are helping eachother!  We are the Master Mind Group!  It takes everyone of us together.  You are all great leaders I learn from constantly.  It’s teamwork.   To everyone’s success!!  Bless you all! 


Lynn B Gunterman