Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Margi Starr Springfield, Ohio, USA

Posted: 2016-02-17

Chapter 14-The Sixth Sense
“The author (Napoleon Hill) is not a believer in, nor an advocate of “miracles,” for the reason that he has
enough knowledge of nature to understand that Nature never deviates from her establish laws. Some of
her laws are so incomprehensible that they produce what appear to be “miracles. The Sixth Sense
comes as near to being a miracle as anything I have ever experienced.”

Napoleon Hill doesn’t believe in miracles???

As a critical thinker and as a Christian, I DO believe in miracles. Unashamedly. I believe that there are
times when there is no explanation for something to have happened, except that it was supernaturally
done by God.  Some people, however, spend their lives waiting on a “miracle,” rather than taking
Action to make their dreams come true. 

Perhaps they think money will fall from heaven to keep them from poverty's doorstep.

How many times have we heard a Believer say, “If God wants me to be rich, He will make it happen.”

That’s a Chicken Exit and a convenient way of avoiding personal responsibility.

It makes more sense to be responsible, find a way to earn additional money, and invest time in learning
the skills for success. For me, that vehicle is Network Marketing.  My “miracle” will manifest as I vigorously
work my business, and when it does, I’ll give God all the credit for giving me those “holy hunches.”

If Hill didn’t believe that the God who created the heavens and earth could miraculously make blind eyes
see, deaf ears to hear, and the lame to walk, that’s between him and God.  I fully believe that God is still
in the miracle business, yet my Finances are more determined by my own Desire and Actions than on
God suspending the Universal Laws to give me a handout.

Yes, Napoleon, you are correct, when you say that the Sixth Sense appears to be Miraculous.  It is totally miraculous!

The Psalmist declares in Psalm 37:4 "Take Delight in the LORD, and He will give you the DESIRES of
your heart." 
Wrap your brain around that amazing thought!  It's like God imbedded His divine GPS into
our DNA.  Giving us Supernatural Guidance is His DELIGHT.  

As with any gift, the more we value and practice it, the more intuitive we become.

Is it possible that some people don’t experience this Divine Sixth Sense because they don’t know what
their Desires even are?  How many people have a clear awareness of their purpose in life and what they
want to create?  When you find someone who knows their “Why,” CELEBRATE and INVEST in them.
That person may very well be your next business Rock Star!

If you are reading this and/or listening to this call, congratulations! You have FOLLOWED your Sixth Sense.

He is GUIDING you step by step. You SEE things others don’t see.  You DREAM.  You BELIEVE.

May we never take for granted those holy hunches that will lead us to BECOME the Leaders we were created to be.

Margi Starr
Springfield, Ohio