Think & Grow Rich Lessons
camille cameron Brooklyn, NY, United States

Posted: 2017-10-29

This lesson from Hill was so on point. Knowing that the brain acts as a Holographic Computer with so many groups of cells it's imperative to norish these cells in the proper manner.

 When the brain grow new electrical cells they are responsible for transmiting information by electrical and chemical signaling.

As our memory is stored on the mental, the greater part of life is all mental.

Like I retrive thoughts from the mental reservior and  that thought become my thought, so I have a choice to decide on what thoughts I will and what tone and viberation it will allow to penerate me.

This is how people can be easily influenced  by external forces, e.g. radio , t.v., people etc  based on Hill saying we are receiving station.

This is a saying I heard many years ago, " MIND YOUR MIND FOR THE JEWELS  OF YOUR SOUL". I know understand what it means.