Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Louise Douglas Hartford, CT, USA

Posted: 2017-10-25

The subconscious mind works day and night.Through a method of procedure, unknownto man,the subconscious mind draws upon the forces of Infinite Intelligence for the power with which it voluntarily transmutes ones' desire into their physical equivalent, making use, always of the most practical media by which this end may be accomplished.

The subconscious mind will not remain idle!  If you fail to plant DESIRES in your subconscious mind it will feed upon the thoughts which reach it as a result of your neglect.........Napoleon Hill

A  few weeks ago I experienced just that, someone one visited me and shared a conversation that she had with one of her friends. It was about the friends religion  and worship style.  I was quite uncomfortable after she left. That night I had a dream of a person with a very angry appearence and fear really gripped me.   I woke up and realised because of neglect on my part and allowed myself to listen   my subconscious mind had stored the conversation.



Louise Douglas,  Hartford CT