Think & Grow Rich Lessons
George Freelen Hondo, TX, United States

Posted: 2017-10-25

Chapter 12. The Subconscious Mind

Possibly the best way to understand the subconscious mind, and its possibilities,
as a medium for transmuting your DESIRES into their physical reality is through a story.

In the 70’s I was a Pharmaceutical Rep for a large pharmaceutical company in San Diego California. My job was calling on the U.S. Navy and large University Teaching Hospitals. San Diego University Hospital brought in a new PHD Pharmacist who wanted complete control. He set up new rules about working in HIS hospital. Of course, being a blue, I just when about my job and ignored his rules. I was warned once, the second time I was barred from the hospital and all my drugs where taken off the formulary.

I could not get back in, he would not see me. I was out! At the time, I was reading Think and Grow Rich, I made up an affirmation for the Subconscious Mind. “I have unconditional warms regards for Bob Lawinter (the name of the Pharmacist) at all times, I wish him well, I wish him happiness and much success.” I repeated this to myself, probably 100 times a day. At first it was not easy because I had much angry and hate in my heart. But, after a while it became easy and I just said it more and more.

About six month later, in December, I received a call from him, he put my pharmaceuticals back on the formulary and invited me to his Christmas Party. Gave me permission to come back in the hospital and work with the doctors. I didn’t go to his Christmas Party, because of my personal feelings however, I did send a bottle of booze. Through the subconscious I was able transmute my desires into monetary equivalent. Your selftalk hundreds of times daily is the magic elixir that creates Your Own Reality in Your Life. I sent another ‘magic elixir’ to the Christmas Party. Which also paid dividends.

Negative emotions or thought impules are voluntarily injected into the subconscious mind and are acted upon without any conscious effort on our part. However, positive emotions are injected into the subsconscious mind with a great deal of effort. This effort of instructions was given in chapter 4 on autosuggestions or using self-talk. In chapter 2 Hill gives a six step fromula for inducing positive emotions into the subsconscious mind.

George Freelen

San Antonio, Texas