Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Ernest Tucker Rogersville, ALABAMA, United States

Posted: 2017-10-23

Chapter 12


Subconscious Mind


S I start reading this chapter I remember is was one of he hadest lesson I had to understand. I had to go back to chapter 2 many times and get informationI tried to understand no luck but after almost 18 months I began to see and understand so I joined but had no results my mind was still messed up fear mostly. Negative thoughts kept filling my mind then I started talking to that guy In the mirror and sitting by the river and watched the sun creep over the trees thinking of the now listening to my subcouscios mind saying my self talk over and over my subconscious mind began to wake up and I started believing in myself loving myself. Things began to fall in place when I got a negative thought I would kick it out think of all the love my team, mff, had for me. The help they give me I’m not all the way cured yet and some days I only gain a inch but at least it is forward and not backwards. I know I have many friends in mff who are pushing me on feeding my subconscious mind with great things.

Michael, Linda, and Shelly are the ones who are standing behind me and when I stumble they keep yelling me on and didn’t  let me fall back. I will never give up as long as I can move my feet and walk or crawl I won’t stop until I reach the top Michael taught me that.

However something happened and I lost everything and my mind was filled with negative though thousand of them and I stared giving up agin. Everything I did was wrong no positive thinking just negative negative thoughts I worked hard all my friends quiet I was alone again how can I build a team again? I went to the river to watch the sunrise for days weeks and then months. I went to the beach 0ne week end and walked out in the water and saw some porpuse feeding quite a ways out and then they stoped i walked toward them and I was circuled by the porpoise. I just stood there and touched them and when I walked out of the water I sat on the beach I realized why they came. They told me “we didn’t save you to quit go never give up.”Ok ok I’ll do it for you. And they did tail walking out to deeper water.


So now I am starting again from the beginning it is not going to be fast but I won’t stop and I will start writing and speaking out on the calls. I know some will help me and I will never give up. chapter 13 tonight or today is about the subconscious mind after reading it I went back and read chapter 2 and read and wrote down the six most important things you have to do to become money conscious. I am filling my mind with positive thinking and I will succeed and I will never give up.


Thanks Michael and Linda you taught me and I won’t let you down.



Ernest Tucker