Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Wayne Thompson Falmouth, Trelawny, Select a state…, Jamaica

Posted: 2016-02-16

Wayne Thompson, Martha Brae, Jamaica.

Chapter 14, Think And Grow Rich Book

The Thirteenth Principle,

The Sixth Sense

I want to take you back to the life of a little child, looming dangers were not recognize and fear never existed. Children became aware of danger by actually involved inan accident. Having attained the experience of the situation, the same occurrences rarely  happen again.Children uses this knowledge and experience as a tool to stay away from harm .

As children grows olde,r they begin to experience thoughts, to take actions that has save them from dangers without even understanding why they were alerted to make such decision.

The sixth sense is responsible for these thoughts  and advice. Infinite intelligence is able to communicate with us without any demands or effort.

 Understanding, knowledge and usage of the power of the sixth sense is not developed thoroughly, until you past the age of fifty without meditation or practice. Even when we begin to utilize the sixth sense, we are not able to flick the switch on and off.

The subconscious mind hold that portion of the mind referred to has creative imagination, the receiving doorway for instruction, directives, hunches,  guidance, thoughts by the small voices we hear.