Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Ryan McChesney Tampa, Florida, United States

Posted: 2016-02-16

Chapter 14

The Sixth Sense


There’s an old saying that we have all heard at one point in our time that goes like this, “Go with your gut feeling.” I have never really understood why this gut feeling or instinct would always guide me in a certain direction…until now. We all know that thoughts are things, and we become what we think about. But take a minute to realize that if we are what we think about, then that would mean our gut feelings will lead us to our thoughts.


I remember back when I was studying to take my engineering exam for the second time, someone told me that if you are unsure what the answer is, then guess and stick with that guess. See, I was unsuccessful my first time taking the test, and a lot of it had to do with not trusting my first guess. I remember that I erased so many answers that I initially chose because I was not confident in myself. However, the second time that I took the exam, I stuck with my initial choices. And can you guess what happened?? I passed my exam, because this time, I was confident in myself and all I thought about during the time of my studies was about passing the exam. That vision of me passing the exam is what led my gut feeling to choose the correct answers.


So back to the saying, and why it is so powerful. Hill states that we must master the other twelve principles before we can use the power of the sixth sense. Well, that old saying I mentioned above has the twelve principles in it as well. But you have to go outside the box (aka how to think) to see how that is. For example, I mentioned the most important reason why I passed my engineering exam. It was because I constantly fed my mind with the thoughts of me passing the exam and then going out and studying for it every day. When I got the results that I failed my first time, I made up my mind (there is one principle: decision) that I was going to pass this test no matter what. So I started taking action and studying for the test in January, and the exam itself wasn’t until October.


I also was studying for my exam while I was playing baseball with the Tampa Bay Rays. I studied all year long, and I only took one day off a week, which was Sundays to regroup. I remembered how I would study on the bus when we were on the road, in the hotel after the games, and the morning before I went to the field. All of my teammates kept trying to get me to not study for a night to go out to dinner or a party. But my mind was made up that I was going to pass, and the only way I would do that is to stay focused on the mission. I even studied for four hours after a 10:30 am game on the road at Daytona, where our hotel was on the beach. All the guys went out on the beach, and kept trying to get me to go with them. But, as I was being persistent (another principle that Hills talks about), I said no to the beach so I could study and become a better me in the future.


With all these principles being applied during my journey to pass my engineering exam, I was able to successfully pass and become an Engineer in Training. However, keep in mind that these principles I applied also applies to our network marketing business. We all want to better ourselves and our futures, but we have to feed our mind with the positive thoughts and our goals. Then make a decision to go do it, and listen to your hunches on your journey. Your hunches will guide you in the direction of your thoughts. So choose wisely!!


Ryan McChesney

Tampa, Florida