Think & Grow Rich Lessons
robert tucker Bay Point, California, United States

Posted: 2017-09-12


I like this topic about the Power House Of The Mind. Our mind is a creative place where we can bring about anything we desire as long as

it has the right product of thought.Everything we see around us that man has built started from man's imagination if you can think it you can

bring it to reality. The author tells that yet man still has limitation which lies in his development and use of his imagination. He says that man

is still at a short of his development in using his imaginative faculity, and that it's very elementry way. The things that he has done from this

elementary imagination is that man has learn to harnessed what he has discovered.


The imaginative faculty of man's mind has a two part opporation of form, one is the synthetic imagination ant the other is the creative

imagination. The synthetis creates nothing at all it focus on things of old,thoughts of things put together things like materials of experience

and observations from which it is given.In this form man cannot solve problems that may come about because it's not creative. Now the

other form is where problems can be solved and goals reached on a timely manner. The creative imagination works with a greater power

through this faculity of imagination the Finite Mind  of man has a direct flow to the Infinite Intelligence that direct him to achieve a greater

opportunity in the faculity of reaching new ideas, thoughts and so much more.


The workshop of the mind  can bcome a productive place to achieve everything a man or a woman desires as long as productive things

are given to it, true it can be revived if it's not working the way you desire for it to work all must be done is tramsform the synthetic imagination

by giving it all it needs for growth do things that will enable you to convert the thought into a physcial counterpart for your success in everything

you do.

Robert Tucker, Bay Point, California, United States