Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Rick Burnett Spanish Fort, Alabama, USA

Posted: 2017-09-12

When i go way back in time and remember when we were kids we had such vivid imaginations. Our play was usually outdoors because we were bored to death and like caged animals indoors. We had the woods at the top of the hill we lived on that all the kids in our group would meet and play in. I say woods because it was really  just a wooded lot big enough for a house but at the time it was like the wide open wilderness that went on forever. We left early in the morning packing lunches to “play in the woods” and stayed there all day until our mothers called us in for dinner and went in for the night reluctantly even at that point. We were pirates, we were Roman soldiers, we were cowboys and indians, were were anything we wanted to be because there weren’t ANY limits. Our imaginations ran wild and nothing could stop us. We had plays and dressed the parts and one of the friends was able to get a movie camera from one of the parents which was the equivalent of pure gold at that time so we filmed some it. We played with army men. Oh the joy of an imagination like that!


Later on in life i observed the imagination of my little girl. I noticed that her grandmother who thought she could buy her way to happiness gave her one of those little manufactured castles from somewhere like Toys -R -Us and she liked it for about a week and then the thrill was gone.  Why? It had all the imagination already built in. Then we had to replace an appliance about that time and gave her the box that i cut a couple of holes in for windows and she went crazy and stayed in there forever like a cat. What was the difference between something that cost a lot of money and something that was plain, brown, simple and free?  Her IMAGINATION. She would dress up like Jennie on I Dream Of Jennie and then her next obsession was the little mermaid and her mind would go crazy. I took her to Weekie Watchie, Fl to see the presentation of Pocahontas and the Little Mermaid or something close to that if I remember correctly which got her mind going for the next couple of months after we got back.


So what happens to change all that? We grow up and we hear all the negativity about how we can’t really do that, we are just dreaming. We should get back to reality. I was listening to a T Harv Eker webinar today and he was saying that our minds when we are born are like an empty filing cabinet with nothing in the files until we start getting programed by all of the people in our lives, our teachers, friends, parents, religious leaders, news media….etc. those empty files are filled up as we grow with everything we learned from those sources and played over and over like a recording. Our minds are like the software, our bodies like the hardware containing it. We are robbed of that imagination that we had as a child. Maybe that’s why we find ourselves smiling as we watch a carefree little one at play. They still have it. It just comes natural for them. We can still have it too but we have to put a little work and effort into it by re writing the software.


We are in the process of that re writing. I remember Hill saying  that we will never see the money we desire in our bank accounts unless we see it in our minds first and I am sure that would apply to anything we can imagine, not just money. Thank you to Michael and Linda Dlouhy for giving us this mastermind and everything else on this MFF platform and so thankful that everyone down in Florida made it through Irma and back on the calls so soon. And for all my friends and mastermind partners and all who download my ebook and allow me to share a little part of their lives.


Rick Burnett

Spanish Fort, Alabama