Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Lakeisha Clayton Milton, MA, United States

Posted: 2017-09-11

When I research most of the successful people in business they always state that it all starts with an idea.

The difference is that successful people know how to live in their imagination even when it seems as if they will not realize their goals. When they are discouraged they visualized, when there is slow progress they visualize, when they face negativity and nay sayers they visualize. This is something that I would like to perfect. I know that if I can master this and focus my actions on the end result the sky is the limit. Imagination and written goals are an amazing tool to get to the next level. 

I remember wanting to move to a really nice part of town that is known to be really expensive and out of reach for most people because of the prices of the houses. Especially out of reach for a young married couple who started their family very young at 19 and 20.  I remember around this time we were living on a dead end street and two houses down there was a body found in my neighbor's backyard. My husband and I were raising two girls and we knew that it was time to leave our neighborhood and to move our girls to a safe neighborhood. The small dead end street that we lived on was a safe haven from the surrounding streets that were less than desirable. I didn't know how we were going to move and we certainly did not have the money to move to Milton but I made up my mind that we needed to not only move to a safer neighborhood but move to a neighborhood that had an A school rating (we were paying for private school at that time for our girls). Each day I would imagine our family moving to Milton and I would look at all of the real estate listings to act as if I was ready to move. I remember finding a "for sale by owner" listing in the neighborhood that I wanted to move. I remember setting up an appointment to see the house. The day that I was able to see the house as I walked through the doors I knew that this was my house. I had no money for a downpayment and had no idea how we would move to this neighborhood but I just knew that God would find a way.


12 years later I am now sitting down writing this post in the home that I had no idea how I purchase. Our girls are now graduated from Highschool and are in College. One is a Biomedical engineering student and the other is studying Premed with the goal of becoming an OBGYN doctor. I am a living example that with imagination and to be able to move forward as if it already happened can bring you to your goals. Now onto my next goal a business that nets $15,000 a month or more in network marketing. In my mind I am already there!