Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Wendy Staas Imperial, MO, United States

Posted: 2017-09-10

So, the only way to grow is to be real and the only way to be tansformed is to be transparent.

By nature I have been a creative person.  Now as a mother, I use my imagination more than in the past. Two different imaginations in my mind -- as a former Interior designer/ Architect, I helped the ideas of others become reality -- with my children, I need to create fun ideas to keep them entertained. Now, with my business -- my ideas seem to be run dry.  Could it be that as I write this I am tired?  Could it be that it took all I had to stay focused enough to get through Napolean Hills message?  Most likely.  

I have been self-teaching myself how to focus and to quiet my mind and it is working well.  Some days are better than others.  I use my quiet time to talk to the Lord, do bible studies and listen to His promtings.  The Lord and I talk all the time.  Many will ask me "How to you hear from God?" -- simple.  Quiet your mind.  Read Scripture, pray. . . Listen for Him.

It is the same way Ideas come -- whether synthetic or creative.  

We must avoid filling our minds with chatter -- the news (whatever source -- online, tv, paper, etc).  My big hang-up is Facebook.  Many times for realtionship building -- sharing my life very transparently so that people learn from my life lessons. . . I am always on there. 

I know I need to set boundaries there so I can focus-- so I can hear the IDEAS the Lord wants me to receive and act on. 

It is all a process.  Nothing is immediate.  I started this journey of choosing puprose and avoiding mediocrity 9.5 years ago.  I have come very far - -the Lord is preparing me for something BIG -- perhaps not Hollywood big -- but maybe-- He has not revealed it to me.  

I have the Specialized Knowledge as Chapter 5 discusses -- now for the IDEA.   


Wendy Staas