Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Lawrence Bergfeld Bronx, New York, USA

Posted: 2017-09-08

Imagination is recognizing ideas and acting upon it. The Wright Brothers dreamed of the airplane, Henry Ford dreamed of a horseless carriage. Nobody could do it alone. They needed a mastermind team. Think about this: A mistake can be turned into an opportunity. It happened with Coca Cola, post it notes,  Harvey Firestone and the tires, cereals. We must avoid getting wrapped up in the how because the how is a dream destroyer. We gotta ask ourselves WHAT we want to accomplish and WHY? It all starts with WHY and ends with Why. Confused about your WHY in Chapter 2 in Success In Ten Steps. Read Simon Sinecks book Start With WHY. Think about this. The Wright Brothers had no education & accomplished their goal of inventing the airplane. Samuel Langley with a better Education did not because he made it about him.

Furthermore remember that you must have a PLAN to get from point A to point B. Your companys get started 30 day rule of hitting the pin level Ruby is a good benchmark to start out with. Because if you help a bunch of people earn $500 per month. Out of those people there will be your five key leaders to be attracted to you. Once people hit Ruby they will believe more in themselves in hitting the higher levels. Focus on helping your new rep hit ruby. By first asking him to make a list of the people he knows and telling them to notify their family about their business so that they could market their PRODUCT.

I just became a distibutor for X company and I need your help. Would it be okay if you tried out one of my products?

Any questions: I don't know here is the PDF on it. And tell them a story. Write down the product testamonials. Like in Celeste Smuckers lesson in Specialized Knowledge, we gotta know what the product does and the stories. Because facts tell and stories sell. Stories that are emotional influence the subconcious mind. It has to get them moving. And soundbites get people moving. Just of the taste of it "Diet Coke". Red Lobster "For the seafood loving and you". One of a kind.. Roy Rogers.  You got the right one baby uh huh. The best part of waking up is folgers in your cup. And last but not least Chocolate Coffee is that heavenly coffee, heavenly coffee...

Just Do It and Do It and Do It. Art Williams And Michael Jordan Nike of course!

Lawrence Bergfeld