Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Greg Toews Linden, Alberta, Canada

Posted: 2017-09-06

Here's to my first lesson! 

First of all I am thankful to be accepted and appreciated by you, this group of like-minded individuals here at MFF. Thanks for reaching out to me Mr. Rick Burnett, and for your time and energy Mr. Michael. I've been listening in and so much appreciate the serious vibrancy I feel here and y'alls determination to be laser focused. 



There are two types of knowledge; General Knowledge versus Specialized Knowledge. Makes me think into the medical world, would you want a General Practitioner or an Eye Specialist to do eye work on you? Seems to me being worked on by somebody that specializes and has studied more specifically on eyes would be the safer route. So it is more important to focus on specialized knowledge that you execute, than being obsessed with much general knowledge that doesn't get used to generate income. Reminds me of the verse In the Bible where it says: "Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth." 2 Timothy 3:7 KJV

I went to school and graduated from Grade 9 in our private school  I'm not sure I was specifically inferior because of it, but I sometimes have thought about how maybe I'm not as educated as those that went on to High School, College etc.  It's almost comforting that Henry Ford had little schooling, matter a fact no more than sixth grade! Thomas A. Edison had only 3 months his entire life! Hill says He did not lack education, nor did he die poor.

In my short life, I have realized the importance of Specialized Knowledge, although I didn't have a term for it.  For example's sake only, A business I started about 5 years ago, came about by using my knowledge/experience of negotiating cell phone rates, and I specialized in working with others accounts and the business grew.  It was and is a business I don't think I could have learned with a bunch of general knowledge in University!  Having a mind to get out and work goes along ways.  I like the phrase in this lesson that talks about "the go getter in the highest rank"

Just as Henry Ford had other men to rely on for gaining knowledge, today we have this mastermind group.   

I love network marketing, as it is dealing with people day after day. I want to specialize in learning more about human relationships, and as Hill pointed out, there is always something more to learn.

I feel I gained general sales knowledge over the years on Network Marketing and the corporate world, but I think MFF is more directed to specialized knowledge, of which I am committed. 

Greg Toews