Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Michael Dennis Charlotte, North Carolina, United States Of America

Posted: 2017-09-04

Chapter 5 Specialized Knowledge


Tuula Rand writes about the need for people of any profession to get the training they need in order to be proficient in their occupation and how many people can come to Network Marketing and think it is a magic money machine and not need to do any work. But she also speaks about This industry as a level playing field that anyone willing to gain the skills, can have the warriors, she speaks about, which are all in.

Tuula asks a poignant question
Are we one of those rare and special human beings, the warriors of Network marketing?

I want to be one of those warriors. I've been at it for over 25 years, but I did not get specialized knowledge only general knowledge. In the last two years, I am learning how to be such a warrior. I find that I am in a battle overcoming a green mind. I will overcome. The last chapter we covered Auto-suggestion is a specialized knowledge that I can use to do battle. Autosuggestion is a specialized knowledge that we can use as one of our weapons of war in this battle to overcome the Tierney of mediocrity and failure. Tula is right about being a warrior

Our 'why' is specialized knowledge, which is important and singular to each individual Network Marketer. It is the number one piece of Specialized Knowledge that we need for success. without a why all that we learn is useless. I find I need a new why the old one is no longer sufficient to keep me going. I find that if I am to keep going we need to find that new piece of specialized knowledge as we grow along.My last Why was 'I Win' because having lost for so many years I wanted to win. I have got to win overcome and beyond.

Hill says that our universities do not tell us how to accumulate and use specialized information on the whole. However many institutions have hired men and women who actually work in the field that they teach and can give students a real world instruction. We have that here.,real world Network marketing skills training and self-development skills on how to build a network marketing opportunity and most importantly to train our teams. However, what we are learning cannot be effective if we do not believe (faith) in the system. I am grateful for so much and for so many people who inspire me to continue