Think & Grow Rich Lessons

Posted: 2017-09-02

The bottom line of specialized knowledge is the following: Give a man to fish and feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime. Leaders become leaders because they are intelligent followers. The man who can follow a leader most efficiently is the one who develops into leadership most rapidly. Here at Mentoring For Free we teach people HOW to think NOT what to think. How to think means being a critical thinker and being COACHABLE. That is doing what your mentor does to be successful. If Michael Dlouhy was asked by Tom Big Al Schrieter to walk to convention he would do it no ifs and no buts.

Avoid procrastination like the plague as well. Michael did an audio on a doctor who was booking a holiday party for his family. And he changed his mind 3-4 times and almost missed the deadline. Amanda and Linda were patient to switch back and forth his reservation. If Michael were his wife and his daughter. He would NOT do so such a thing. He would say forget it. That is the same thing that goes in this business.

Think about the leadership skills in this business that Tom Big Al Schrieter mentions: If you ask someone to read this book and they say I'll try. That is NOT a leader that is secret code for no. Time to say good by to that one.

Second type of person who you ask is a little more committed but NOT that much. "I will do my best". That is when something goes wrong like he felt being left out of participating by someone who has done it to him unintentionally. He will quit at the first sign.

Third type of person you ask to dedicate will say I will do WHATEVER it takes! That is the person whom you would want to be on a 30 day cruise with. Michael Dlouhy learned from Tom Big Al Schrieter to never sponsor someone unless you would want to be on a 30 day cruise with.

Last but not least ask yourself this question: Would you sponsor you? Are you doing what the leaders are teaching here at Mentoring For Free and in your network marketing company if they are giving you excellent back office training. If not then your downline is NOT going to do so either. Because this is a monkey see, monkey do business NOT a monkey tell monkey do business.

And Art Jonak says if it is NOT duplicatable then don't do it.

Lawrence Bergfeld

PS: Your prospect from the moment you start talking to him is asking himself these four questions: Can I do this? Can you teach me? Do I like you? Do you REALLY believe in me? If one of the answers to the questions is no then its GAME OVER.