Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Tuula Rands West Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

Posted: 2016-02-15

Chapter 12 - The Sixth Sense

Have you ever watched someone pack or see a truck driving down the street
and you know they are moving because the back of the truck is full of furniture,
boxes, pillows, etc. 

Some load the truck and it looks like they stood on the steps of the house and just threw the
furniture in the back and left each piece where it landed and kept throwing more and more on top until
the truck box was full.  They drive down the Street and you really don’t
want to follow too close just in case something falls off and lands on your vehicle.   Oops, there
goes a pillow,  Oops, there goes a box.

Now, some take time and pack the load so carefully that every inch of space is
utilized and nothing is going to move, everything is tucked in it’s space, organized and tied
down so nothing goes flying out the back and on to the road. 

If we think of our minds like the loaded truck, which truck would we  like our minds to be?

If we are like the truck driving down the street with things dangling down the sides and sticking
out everywhere it would seem like nothing would make sense.  You would not hear anything because
everything is helter skelter and it would just be noise.

Can the sixth sense work with a mind that is so scattered it is flying every which way that sounds,
voices and thoughts just become noise.

If our minds were planned, organized and well thought out, like the organized packed truck, we would
be able to think and hear.  There would be no clutter. There would be no noise.

The sixth sense is like the “still small voice” that Elijah heard when God spoke to him in the cave.  
Elijah did not hear God in the strong wind, he did not hear God in the Earthquake, he did not hear God
in the fire, Elijah heard God in the “still small voice”.

Hill states The Sixth Sense is a subject that will be of great interest and benefit to the person whose aim
is to accumulate vast wealth, but it need not claim the attention of those whose desires are more modest."

So how do we pack our mind?    Which truck are we driving?

Do we pack our mind with the aim to accumulate vast wealth or do we pack our mind with desires more modest?

Do we have room in our mind for the sixth sense to dwell, thrive and grow in or did we pack it in
the back of the truck and oops we can't tell if that noise is just noise or is it "that still small voice" trying
to speak to us.

Tuula Rands