Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Richard Burnett Spanish Fort, Alabama, USA

Posted: 2017-08-22

What I get from this chapter is that FATIH IS A STATE OF MIND that has to be created by the individual. It doesn’t just happen on it’s own, it requires work and effort. Maybe that’s why many don’t choose to embrace it.  It requires shutting out ALL negativity including news, negative people, etc. And then replacing the void from the absence of that negativity with positive thoughts. And how we do that is by self talk. We actually create our own faith with our self talk. Michael will tell you in a heartbeat that it’s all about self talk and I have come to be a total believer in it. Michael has said before that you don’t get there with 200 repetitions, no it takes constant repetition, a thousand times a day or more. Hill says “ repetition of affirmation of orders to your subconscious mind is the only known method of voluntary development of the emotion of faith.

Perhaps the meaning may be made clearer through the following explanation as to the way men sometimes become criminals. Stated in the words of a famous criminologist, “When men first come into contact with crime, they abhor it. If they remain in contact with crime for a time, they become accustomed to it, and endure it. If they remain in contact with it long enough, they finally embrace it, and become influenced by it.”

This is the equivalent of saying that any impulse of thought which is repeatedly passed on to the subconscious mind is, finally, accepted and acted upon by the subconscious mind, which proceeds to translate that impulse into its physical equivalent, by the most practical procedure available.

Hill also says that ‘ the subconscious mind will translate into its physical equivalent, a thought impulse of a negative or destructive nature, just as readily as it will act upon thought impulses of a positive or constructive nature.  And it’s for this reason that just like a mother bird watching over her little ones constantly until they are strong enough to get their own wings and fly away we have to eliminate negativity and replace it with positive self talk that we have designed specifically for us and our desires, spoken repeatedly until our wings are strong enough to carry us on to the completion of those desires and fly away ourselves like the baby birds. And like that mother bird watching over her little ones we have to be watching carefully over every thought and word that comes out of our mouths. Until we could live a life in which we absolutely knew that we could not fail. Again Hill says “A mind dominated by positive emotions, becomes a favorable abode for the state of mind known as faith. A mind so dominated may, at will, give the subconscious mind instructions, which it will accept and act upon immediately.

FAITH IS A STATE OF MIND WHICH MAY BE INDUCED BY AUTO-SUGGESTION… so as we start each new day we should constantly fill it with self talk self talk and more self talk. 

Thank you Michael and Linda Dlouhy for providing this MFF platform and believing in us and thank you to all of my mastermind friends and partners who share a little piece of their brilliant minds weekly because what started out as a chore when I first started ( having to think and prepare a lesson ) has turned out to be a joy that I look forward to.

Rick Burnett

Spanish Fort, Al