Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Shirley Gekler Sudbury, Ontario, Canada

Posted: 2017-08-17


The First Step toward Riches

Barnes truly did Think and Grow Rich.  He had a DESIRE to be in

business with Edison as opposed to working for him.  When opportunity

appeared, Barnes was prepared and took advantage of the occasion, 

becoming very rich in money in the process.

Hill further tells the story of his young son who was born without ears.

It was Hill's desire for his son to hear like other people who had ears.

Hill watched all developments of his son, looking for the slightest

sign of any evidence of his hearing.  

Early on they noticed that the son had some hearing as a young lad

as he danced to the music.  As he grew older he tested several hearing

devices  -- having little results -- however at last another device arrived

which didn't bring a lot of excitement -- so it was laid aside for some time.

Finally he tried the device and to his amazement for the first time in his  

life he heard sounds.  --  The voices of his instructors.  WOW WOW WOW

He contacted the company about how much it had helped him -- Later

Hill's son was given a contract the the company and became very successful

in marketing the hearing device, thus earning an income which would make

his father proud.  It all started with DESIRE first by Hill and then his son.

Thanks to Michael and Linda Dlouhy for providing this platform for all of 

us learn and grow into the people that we were meant to be.

Love to all

Shirley Gekler

Sudbury, Ontario