Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Dawn Meyers Mullica Hill, NJ, United States

Posted: 2017-08-15

Waaaa Waaaa I am feeling down and sorry for myself. For this time last year, I was rolling in money. I had 8000 dollar checks coming to my home weekly. Sometimes we would get a small one. This money was not all mine however but I never had to worry about nothing. My bills were paid and paid on time.

We have always had the mindset that we were destined for greater things and always went for it. We have failed once before but it was due to the market crash back in late 2008 and early 2009. We had owned a cyber cafe that was amazing right in a prime spot of Philadelphia. We put up $158,000.00 to keep this business going into November of 2010 Due to many set backs like zoning and lawyers that were slow we were sinking fast. But we kept going to the last drop of that money was gone. Weare still paying back that loan to this day. But we are still surviving. The place was fun and we had birthday parties and gaming tournaments there.  

We used to notice that when we walked into a place that was empty we would soon see that there was a huge line behind us or building as we sat down so we thought we would have a great following in our store. It started to fill daily and it was great and then one day everyone stopped coming. Just one person came every day and sat there playing games all day long.  

So when my husband had to go back to a job working for someone else it was a bummer and to have to pay back that money with the money you need to live. It was very tough and we are still doing it monthly. We will never stop paying for that unless I make the money to just pay it off out right.

Now we are at it again in another business that actually thrives on the market crashing. Not good for other people but good for us. This business goes through a lot of changes and if you can ride them out you will be rewarded. The industry is going through a slight change right now that has barely one person out doing jobs daily. Since we started in March of 2015 there has never been a day that we had to tell someone they were off. Today we had to. We are also less a crew and all our helpers that we call on some days haven't worked in months.

So to say I am worried is an under statement. We took a loan out to help with payroll and supplies until we were paid for jobs 5 to six weeks later and everything was going great until one of the companies we do work for stopped paying weekly and would just send checks when they could. We ran out of that money keeping up with payroll and haven't been able to continue paying them back. It was a terrible loan that I would not recommend to my worst enemy. They take money from you daily and have you pay back a loan in 7 months. We were in the home stretch and now we are going to be sued for the rest and they say they own half our company.

My DESIRE for money is great but I can't see how to obtain it. Every time I start to do well I crash again. Something always stops me. I know it is because I let it. But I am for real anytime I start to make money I guess I never feel worthy enough and it goes away. I am my own destroyer. 

So today I will write my desire and start my change today. I promise myself I will continue to pursue my dreams and never give up.

 First: Fix in your mind the exact amount of money you desire. The amount I DESIRE is 1 Million Dollars. 

Second. Determine exactly what you intend to give in return for the money you desire. I intend to give back to the economy and help others in need. When I have more money I could help other businesses grow and leave a huge tip for a hard working mother. To help my family as they have always helped me.

 Third. Establish a definite date when you intend to possess the money you desire. I will possess this money before my 52nd birthday July 14th, 2020. But I will always possess a constant flow of money to make an easy life for my family. I will be taking my son Parker to Disney World every day.  

Fourth. Create a definite plan for carrying out your desire, and begin at once. I have a plan and I have been putting it into action daily but getting easily frustrated with my results. I will make a new plan to follow my mentors and the leaders here at Mentoring For Free. Duplicate Success.

Step 5 and 6. Step 5 is to write out my DESIRE and Step 6 is to read it daily. If I can't read it daily and believe that I am already there then I might as well pack it up.But I won't. My DESIRE is real. I see myself doing what I want to do every day. I often believe I am wealthy and doing what ever I want. But then reality sets in and I'm back to square one. 

Thanks to all of you for your help and I am so grateful for Mentoring For Free. When I look at this lesson at a later date I will be laughing at all the world has thrown at me. I will be at the top of my world and be having the time of my life. 

Dawn Meyers