Think & Grow Rich Lessons
robert tucker Bay Point, California, United States

Posted: 2017-08-14


In the first chapter is tells us that you have to think about the things you want and the goals you set in order to

acheive them, that is what Edwin C. Barnes did in what he wanted to accompolish with Thomas Edison the 

inventor. This chapter 2, tells us how to go futher by taking the first step towards our goal. The Desire such a

strong meaning; that means to ; Start Working On What You Desire To Achieve,by knowing what steps you

must take towards reaching your goal.There is an old saying that goes like this;"You Can't Have What You

Want until You Know What It Is You Want!" When you have the desire of what you ant to achieve then you

can plan the right path and lnow what it will take to get it.


The chapter tells us about burning bridges in reaching our desire so that we don't go backwards and not

get what we desire. I know that with desire it also takes Faith in what we believe to be true is true, I

remember the day that I had the desire to jump off the high diving board and it was around 12 feet high

I knew that I had the desire to achieve that goal diving off the high diving board I had to get myself at a the

"Point Of No Return" for me to win this goal I had to climb up there and go off because once I did I knew

that I could not go back and i won my desire and have been doing it without no worry. Wgen you have desire

you can get it done and achieve your dreams just like Edwin C. Barns did and he got what he wanted too.


Many people today stop living their dream because the do not tknow the power of their dream,and get

discouraged winning and reaching them knowing that that there is a great demand of the world and

the new ways of doing things, and it can put pressure on anyone with a desire to win something great for

themselves, to reach your dreams you must have what is called; definiteness of purpose, which is the

knowledge of what one wants and along with a burning desire to win it. that is the Power  of the dream I

believe. There is ways we must learn and put into practical use to get what we dream about,and if you

do what is right you can have what you want with your,Thought, Dream,and Desire.

robert tucker, Bay point,California,United States