Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Richard Burnett Spanish Fort, Alabama, USA

Posted: 2017-08-13

Hill says “Every human being who reaches the age of understanding of the purpose of money, wishes for it. Wishing will not bring riches. But desiring riches with a state of mind that becomes an obsession, then planning definite ways and means to acquire riches, and backing those plans with persistence which does not recognize failure, will bring riches”.

That is my biggest take from this chapter. Lot’s of people wish for money, that’s what drives the funds for the lottery. The wish of a big pile of money with no effort or work. That is why if someone is lucky enough to win the money, they usually won’t keep it. It will fly away from them like it has wings. Easy come, easy go. There has been no effort or hard work to get it. And so the same goes for a lot of inheritances. 

I have to wonder what some who download the ebook are thinking when they download it. Will this book be the magic that I need to make my business go just by downloading it with no effort involved? Some might say, “ well I read that before and didn’t see much in it.” Some will read it and then “ put it on the shelf” as so many have done with this book TAGR that we mastermind on after exclaiming “ that was a pretty nice read” and then never communicate with you to learn how much more there is that comes along with it never taking the next step? Never taking advantage of the personal development and skills training that is a free gift to all who will participate. Those are the wishers!

Then there are those who see the value right away and know immediately that this is what they have been looking for, the truth that can and will change their lives through desire and persistence. The answer they had been praying for. They latch on to this and stay with it until it changes their wishes into a burning desire that brings them what they want. Those are the ones who we are looking for, the ones who embrace it and are coachable. And how rewarding it is to find those!

I am so grateful to be masterminding and working with those kind of likeminded individuals. Thank you thank you thank you to all of you. And thank you thank you thank you Linda and Michael Dlouhy for making this available and for believing in us!

Rick Burnett

Spanish Fort, Al