Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Tuula Rands West Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

Posted: 2017-08-02

Chapter 15 - How to Outwit the Six Ghosts of Fear

Hill tells us in this chapter that in order to
put any portion of his philosply into successful use,
our mind must be prepaed to receive it.  We must 
therefore, clear out of our minds, INDECISION, DOUBT, 
and FEAR!

As we build our Network Marketing business it seems
that the biggest challenge we all face is "what will
other people think" and the fact that they may say "no".

Yet when we look for a "job" do we ever think of what
our friends and family will think about the job we accept.
Probably not.  They are used to people taking and changing
jobs all the time.  BUT when we say we are going to start
a business -- OH MY!  We just entered another world! A world
not familiar to our family and friends and then we get the

Do we really believe they are smarter than we are? Do we
really believe they know enough about starting a business
that we are willing to give them the authority to decide
our financial future for us?  

Do they even realize they may be changing our financial
future by what they say?  PROBABLY NOT.

We have allowed them to put INDECISION, DOUBT, 
and FEAR into our minds because they began with indecision
doubt and fear when we told them we were going to begin a 
business of our own.  They did not want to make a decision, so they
doubted and they became fearful AND we listened to them 
and went down the same road.  

As Hill said, we must be prepared. Our preparation is to
realize we are smart enought to make our own decisions.  We
know what we need in our life and they just don't know what we 

So our preparation is to make a decision, have no doubt and 
fear not because we have a trail to follow of others who have
gone before us and become successful.  All we have to do is
follow the footsteps, put our blinders on and just do it.

Tuula Rands