Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Dawn Meyers Mullica Hill, NJ, United States

Posted: 2017-08-02

Chapter 15: How to Outwit the Six Ghosts of Fear, Below.

Wowzy is all I can say. I am a mess when it comes to fear. Fear rules me but also drives me. I am the leader of my home. I am the one that looks fear in the eye and takes charge. I fix all the problems and find all the solutions. The fear of my family is they will have to live without me. 

I however sometimes lose this power and let fear take over which allows me to procrastinate getting important things done. One thing I feared was filling out the application for my son's financial aid for college. I procrastinated so much that I had to make the first payment for the semester. It was pretty pricey but much better than I thought and I never thought we would ever get enough money to matter.

I am telling you that listening to the masterminds of this tremendous program has changed me a bit more each day.  With all, we are going through at this time in our lives I am always reminding myself that there could be worse. We have been there and I believe that I have been spinning our web through the years building our empire.

Finally, I took control of my fear and finished the application and got the entire year paid for by financial aid. I believed we would. Told myself every day I am sure of it why not. I am no different than anyone else. 

I am not sure if I even fear death anymore because I know there is something after. My grandmother has let me know that. She leaves me pennies and dimes everywhere to let me know she is there. One day I asked Gram if this is for real please leave me lots of pennies tomorrow. I woke to the morning news where there was a truck on the highway on its side and guess what it was filled with. Yes, Pennies. Pennies all over the highway and the best part was someone that owed my mom a lot of money was on her way to a reunion was stuck for 7 hours in that mess. I absolutely believe something is out there waiting for us. I took a picture of an angel over the moon. If you want to see it ask me. 

I have faced the scariest entity in the state. Here it is called DYFS. Every month someone came to my house and made me feel like slime. They went through my house looking for stuff and even flushed my toilets. They wanted to find something to take my kids away. I have managed to turn this all around and now DYFS works for us. They stand by our side and fight for us. I want to say this is because I spoke to Bob Shoaf one day. And he said to me I Believe In You and I know you are the best mom you can be to your children and you are doing a fine job. I knew that if someone online that didn't even know me in person but by only talking to me a few times and just saw me on social media could tell the kind of mother I am. 

I am learning to turn my fears into desire which will lead to prosperity and all that comes with it.

I could go on forever about this but that will only bring more focus to what I fear. I will not allow fear to be a power over what I desire. Don't get in my way I will run you over.

Dawn Meyers Mullica Hill, New Jersey

College PAID!!!!!!!!!!! 

And That's How It's Done!!