Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Lawrence Bergfeld Bronx, New York, USA

Posted: 2017-07-27

Indecision and procrastination are two brothers. When one is found there comes the other. Then it develops in to FEAR.

The key is to just do a to do list the night before bed. Do whatever it takes to accomplish whats on the list. And what you can't get done then put it on tommorows TO DO list. And of course take action. That way you are utilizing ACTION to kill FEAR.

I might have given this example previously but Zig Ziglar tells it all. Lets say your boss says tommorow at 9:00 am y'all are going on a trip to Accupoco. However you need to get things done.

You must list down what you gotta get done today so that you can go to Accupoco tommorow. That way once you get things done today you are qualified to go with the rest of the team to Accupoco. Its no different when your CEO announces the qualifications for entries to win a JEEP.

These two examples are the starting point for developing a nailed WHY. Because many times your why changes from the day when you got started in your business. Remember those two things and if your WHY is 70% and your obstacle is 72% then its game over. But if its 110% and you have a burning desire that you want to accomplish your big goal more than anything else then you will be here to stay!!

Lawrence Bergfeld

PS: Another things this business requires is skills. Its 97% personal development and 3% skills. Without skills you are toast. Your prospect does not know your business and you'd better be confident and certain when talking to them. Its no different than when your inteion is to ask a girl out on a date!! You can't stutter or stumble when talking to her, or else she will be out there looking for another man. You may have won the battle but you LOST the war. Tom Big Al Schrieter asks women this question how long did it take you to decide if a man were to be in your life or not. ALL of them replied was 30 seconds. Same goes here!!

PPS: The Sixth Sense will function ONLY if  INDECISION, DOUBT and FEAR are out. If anything like that is present you are going to let opportunities slip through your fingers, due to the fact that you have been paying attention to the side conversations which will keeps you on the bench. And remember that if you decide to put on the back burner the actions that you are supposed to be doing today then your enthusiasm will decrease and your fear will increase. Thats NOT good because in this business the more genuinely excited you are the more excited your prospect will be.