Think & Grow Rich Lessons
MarkAnthony Thomas Meridian, Mississippi, United States

Posted: 2017-06-22


If any goal is one's life is to be achieved, then one must have a character of persistence.  Persistence or Will Power is the key to all most all success.  Without the slightest grain of persistence, one is a beaten man.  I believe everyone can exhibit persistence, as I believe that all people possess some will power.  These traits have to draw out.  Either by a mentor or by specifics events (my opinion of course).

Once a person begins a journey of persistent thinking, he must do so carefully then as he starts to feel ever confident in his ability to become persistent towards his task and goals, he can start to achieve the success he deserves.  Without persistence, one will never gain the success he deserves.  For to attain goals it is the sense of persistence that drives man towards his success even in the face of a temporary setback.  

Further, if a man is a magnet for immediate rejections, it is his persistence nature that will carry him onward.    SO thus persistence is a state of mind.  A mindset that has also with it some of these essential traits.  They are desire, definite of purpose, willpower, and healthy habits.    

As anyone beginning to work on their level persistence level must have some things that help build up his persistence.  Some of these things are He must have an interest in achieving.  He must not have a weakness of desire.  Must not have the willingness to quit at first sight of hardship and neglecting on moving on ideas (Just do It).  

The primary purpose of this text in my opinion.  It is never giving up no matter the obstacles.  If your purpose is to succeed and to reach specific goals.   Do not give up.  Be persistence in all that plan to do.