Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Ethel Van Zanten Tucson,, Arizona, USA

Posted: 2017-06-21

Chapter 9 Persiatence

To be persistent requires a WHY that will make a person feel they will do whatever it takes.  The WHY has to come from within.  If we have faillure as Napolean Hill says we must realize there is a seed in this failure that will produce an equivalent advantage.  To Quote Mr. Hill:"Every failure brings with it the seed of an equivalent advantage."

We must know that we are a small part of the universe and the world , but the actions we take in our lives affect people we come in contact with which positive attracts and negative detracts.  

To enter a room full of positive people produces an energy that creates happiness, produces a healthy, loving atmosphere Where people want to share.  Plans can be made and put into action.  If the oposite is true with this room full of people just negative reactions result and certainly nothing is accomplished.  

If the purpose is to make plans that will not fail being positive is a requirement.  People will know they are going to be a success and will not even think that quitting is an option.  As leaders we need to know we can achieve success and persistnce is a given.

Thank you Mastermind for all your positive thoughts and knowing that you are going to be a success.

Ethel Van Zanten

Tucson, Arizona