Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Colleen Toye Mandeville, Louisiana, USA

Posted: 2017-06-21

The word that I always think describes me is tenatious, another word for persistant.  Some called it stubborness, but I like tenatious.

One of the times that I remember about being tenatious was when I wanted to get a seat on the board of the Chamber of Commerce in our community.

I had only been involved with the Chamber for about a year and didn't know that many people, but I felt that I could grow as a leader and help others along the way if I could get on the board.

I nominated myself the first year, but I didn't get elected to a seat on the board.  I was disappointed, but not defeated.

During the following year, I offered to be on the membership committee and I attended every function, from ribbon cuttings to business after hours, and introduced myself to everyone I could.  I was in the paper 2 or 3 times a week and people started to notice.

When election time for the Chamber of Commerce came around the next year, I made fliers about myself and handed them out at every Chamber function asking everyone for their vote. No one had ever done that before for a Chamber seat and I was elected for a 3 year term.

I served on the board of the Chamber, was chosen to be in two different Leadership programs and became the Vice President of our homeowners association during that time.

My determination, or persistence, got me what I wanted and the friends that I made during that time, are still some of my best friends and mentors.

I have been blessed to have found the Mentoring for Free program and will use it for the rest of my life to help me and many others.

Thank you to all of you in Mentoring for Free.

Colleen Toye

Mandeville, LA